Brompton Electric Six Speed Conversion

The owner of this 2020 Brompton Electric M2L is finding some of his local routes a bit of a slog with just the two gears. He’s asked if this could be increased to six, in essence making it a M6L. Therefore we’re going to do a Brompton electric six speed conversion. Parts list for this job:

  • BWR electric wheel in black.
  • Right hand integrated shifter/brake lever.
  • BWR 13/16T sprocket disc set.
  • Cable pulley assembly.
  • Gear cable set.
  • SRAM chain.

First tasks are up front. Remove the right hand grip, disconnect the front brake cable and remove the brake lever. The new lever with integrated shifter is fitted along with the grip. The front brake reconnected and checked. The next job is towards the rear. With the tyre deflated to get it passed the brake blocks, the derailleur, chain and rear wheel is removed in that order. The new BWR wheel comes with all the parts required apart from the cable anchorage. The tyre and tube are taken from the old wheel and refitted to the new one. With the new wheel fitted, the cable pulley and cable is routed through the frame according to Brompton documentation. The new chain is sized according to the front chainring/sprocket combination and fitted. The derailleur worked with no adjustment required. The three speed hub is straightforward to index; just align the indicator rod with the axle in gear two.

All in all, a simple job that has transformed this Brompton. Would you like a Brompton electric six speed conversion done on your bike? If so, click the button below and get in touch.