Brompton Service and Repair​

All Brompton specific work undertaken, upgrades and modifications as well as regular servicing. Folding hinge repair including frame/stem pivot pin replacement, rear hinge replacement, wheel rim replacement and gear hub service/repair.

Brompton rear wheel
Brompton BSR service and repair
Brompton hinge pin repair
Brompton rear hinge bushes

Brompton Service

This is done to the same high standard (and price) as a regular bike (see service/repair section) but tailored to be Brompton specific. Cable routing, the folding mechanism and all the Brompton gearing quirks and features will be adhered to.

Hub Service and Repair – from £30

Brompton’s have come fitted with various multi-gear combinations over the years. Early models used three or Sprinter five-speeds units. The current line-up is the BSR three-speed hub or the six-speed option with the BWR hub. All are rugged and require little maintenance however that doesn’t’ mean they require no maintenance. Regular hub servicing is vital to hub longevity and reliability. Take a look at the hub-gear workshop for more information and prices on hub service or repair.

Frame/Stem Pivot Pin Replacement – £43.50

Play in the frame or stem hinge can be due to a worn pin and/or wear in the hinge itself. I stock standard and oversized pins to restore it to like new. The cost listed covers both parts and labour.

Rear Hinge Replacement – £44.00

The rear hinge take a lot of punishment, the load from the rider with additional forces from bumps and potholes. If your rear triangle has become loose it will be because the bushes have become worn. These bushes are replaceable along with new pins. The prices listed includes both parts and labour. The cost is slightly higher for P/T Line.

Rim Replacement – from £45

The rim braking surface does eventually wear down over time. If left, you risk a potential failure of the wheel. If yours are getting worn, it is normally more cost-effective to have the rim replaced rather than purchasing a complete new wheel. This is especially true on the rear with BWR and BSR hubs. Approximate cost is £45 for a single wall rim and £60 for double walled. Fancy something different like MiniMOD’s or a front dynohub? Not a problem.

Seatpost Sleeve Replacement – £35

If your seat post no longer locks in position and slips, the worn seat post sleeve can be replaced with a new one. Once reamed to size it will be a tight fit once again. The cost covers both labour and parts.

5 Speed P-Line Conversion

Convert your 4-speed P-line to 5-speed by adding an extra rear sprocket. This will give you and extra low gear for those hills. Please contact me for more details.

12 Speed Conversion

Convert your P/T line to the new 12 speed Brompton gearing. Note: This conversion kit is currently sold out due to high demand. Please contact me for more details.