Moulton TSR Alfine 11 speed build

It’s been just under a year since the Shimano Alfine 8 speed conversion on a Moulton APB. This brought a tired old Sturmey Archer Sprinter 7 equipped bike right up-to-date by fitting the latest Alfine 8 speed Shimanohub. If you haven’t read this previous blog post you can find it here. Because of this, another Moulton owner reached out enquiring if I could to do a similar job to his. But rather than an old family heirloom, this is a brand new TSR VB Separable in beautiful gloss duck egg blue. We’re aiming to build a Moulton TSR Alfine 11.

From what I gather, this particular bike was sold as parts to an unknown company working on e-bike conversions. Now surpluses to requirements, the current owner purchased it with the idea of converting it to an eleven speed hub gear. Basically creating a similar thing to the current Moulton SST but with tweaks to personalise it to his own taste.

The model of hub chosen was the current Shimano 11 speed (SG-S7001) in silver. The SL-S700 shifter is mated to Ergotec AHS Premium bars. A chain tensioner was not required as the frame comes with horizontal dropouts. The rim is a Moulton MT20 to match the front with DT Swiss Champion spokes sourced from London Spokes. The wheel build is a standard two cross non-laced which works well for these smaller rims. Tyres are Schwalbe Kojak slicks. The saddle is a ISM PR3.0

The gearing was really dictated by the 52T chainring the bike was supplied with. With the previous APB built, I went with a 54/20T giving a ratio of 2.0 for first and 6.0 in top. With this as a reference, I opted for 52/18T on this build which gives 2.1 in first and 8.6 in top. The 409% gear range of the 11 speed is a big increase over the 306% for the 8. The overall aim here is to have a good range of usable ratios. If you gear it too low, you end up only ever using the higher gears. Obviously the opposite is also true.

No issues were encountered with the wheel build. The spoke length being spot-on and the quality Moulton MT20 rim trued with minimal work. With everything bolted on and torqued, the test ride confirmed no issues.