Rohloff Speedhub external cable box replacement

A local Rohloff Speedhub equipped bike in the workshop this week requiring an external cable box replacement. The owner reports the current mileage is now over 100,000 km. It’s all fully operational but some components are showing their age so I’ve been asked to go through it and replace the rear sprocket, chainring, chain, shifter cables and cable box.

The Rohloff Speedhub for those who are not aware is a German made 14 speed internal gear hub, famous for it’s rugged build and bombproof reliability. As with all gear hubs, it uses a multiple planetary gear sets to achieve it’s fourteen ratios. It’s really is an amazing bit of engineering.

Rohloff Speedhub
Front Chainring

The main work here is the external cable box replacement, full drivetrain and cable swap. The front chainring is a 44T 135mm BCD, the replacement being a 42T. Jtek rear 16T screw-on sprocket and Shimano HG40 chain. Gear cables and cable box are Rohloff OEM naturally. As you can see, the cable is frayed and bind up within the cable box, making shifting difficult. The rear sprocket is also worn to the extreme! Take a look at how much metal is missing is the photo below. The shifter on the Rohloff uses a dual cable setup as there is no return spring like Sturmey Archer or Shimano Alfine/Nexus hubs. It’s twice a tricky to setup but the benefit is very smooth and effortless shifting as you’re not fighting against the spring.

Rohloff Sprockets
Worn Rohloff Cable Drum
Rohloff Cable Box
New Rohloff Cable Drum

With new cables fitted and adjusted, the lightly greased cable drum is fitted back with the shiny new cable box. New Shimano chain and sprockets fitted. Good for another couple of thousand miles.

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