Shimano Alfine 11 Service and Repair

This week I have Shimano’s flagship model in the workshop, the Alfine 11 in for a service and repair. While I do get a few Shimano Nexus and Alfine hubs through the workshop, most just require their annual or biennial service. And yes they do require regular servicing! As a result, they rarely have any issues. Even though this owner has kept to the service schedule, he has reported some strange noises coming from the rear end. Gears one through three are making some noise so he decided to stop riding it and get things checked. He also heard a “ping” noise which may or may not be related.

As mentioned; Shimano’s Alfine range is the step above their Nexus line and boast superior materials and quality. They come in two flavours: eight and eleven speed. For the eleven speed, the S7000 and S700 are early versions of the current S7001 however they only differ slightly in design. They are essentially improved versions of the S7000 line. All are rotary shifting, either using the mechanical cassette joint unit or electronic Di2. All eight-speed versions come grease lubricated from the factory and require servicing every two years. The Alfine eleven-speed’s differ in that they come oil lubricated and have a port located on the shell to make oil changes simpler. Shimano’s service schedule for the Alfine 11 is every 5000km or two years, whichever comes first. I always use genuine Shimano’s S700 oil during my servicing.

I this case, the ping noise heard during the ride was a spoke head breaking off. After a thorough inspection of the internals just to make sure, I gave it a clean bill of health and replenished with fresh Shimano oil. Unlike the eight speeds, removing the internals is not required for a standard service on the Alfine 11.

Do you require a Shimano Alfine 11 service or repair on your bike? Please see my Hub-Gear Workshop page for info on pricing. Do get in contact if you require your Shimano hub serviced.