PW Cycles – 2022 review

What a year it’s been. Website setup began in July 2021, the pwcycles domain was purchased and the hosting provided by the marvellous fellows at Cambridge based Mythic Beasts. Between then and the end of last year, site analytics showed views slowly increasing. A good chunk of my time was spent getting the page registered and optimised with the major search engines and the business registered. I do have a background in IT but have never really been too involved in the website publishing side. When I was experimenting with websites in the late nineties, we wrote them in raw HTML using Windows notepad! How times have changed.

Both site traffic and jobs coming in really took off in January 2022. Along with the regular service and repair work, one of the first large projects was a seven speed Moulton APB. The customer reported the after 25 odd years, gear shifting wasn’t what it used to be. After some work to try to get what we had to shift reliably, we ended up deciding on replacing the Sturmey Archer Sprinter-7 with a modern Shimano Alfine 8-speed, built into a new rim and new shifter. Once done the result was an amazing bike to ride and one very pleased owner. I did do a blog post at the time if you wish to know more details.

Other notable jobs have included e-bike conversions, retro 1950 restorations of family heirlooms and even go-carts. Mail-order jobs have continued to come in from all over the UK and behold. The eBay work has reduced significantly with customers contacting me direct which is great. Ebay is a quite restrictive platform for the selling of services and simple tasks like being able to chat with a customer is impossible. Having the website with my contact details makes solves this problem.

One major bit of good news for December 2022 is PW Cycles now has an account with the UK’s Shimano distributor. This should mean sourcing those hard to find Nexus and Alfine parts less of a problem as well as high-end road groupsets such as Sora, 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace as well as more off-road oriented such as XTR and SLX. I will of cause provide mid-range and budget components for those to require them. Worldwide supply remains a problem but having an extra supplier for these parts will certainly help. As always, I do try to stock the most common service items such as brake parts, chains and cassettes as well as a good selection of the most common tyre sizes. As always, I do request people call ahead or email to book before arriving if possible as I do take days odd for my volunteer work and family commitments. My opening times though Google are accurate and updated regularly so see the bottom of the page for these.

Anyway, here’s to a great 2022 and a better 2023!